Align with Life!

Throughout history, many cultures and native traditions have revered the natural world as the ultimate source for rejuvenation, natural balance and wholeness. Spending sufficient time in nature enhances connection not only with our spirit but also with physical body and creative mind, assisting with healing and clearing blocked energies that will revitalize every aspect of our being. Physical tension and stresses will dissolve, giving way to a deep sense of natural vitality, calmness and relaxation. Mental chatter and negative thoughts disappear, revealing a spacious mind that is open and ready to receive valuable insights from within and around us. As we embrace greater peace and balanced wellness within, our heart naturally opens allowing freedom of expression and a stronger connection with self, others and the natural world. The more our heart opens, the more our spirit is cleansed, releasing darknesses buried deep within. Nature reflects our true essence and innate powers in wondrous ways. Freedom to be all we are meant to be is truly the greatest gift of all!

Discover your true potential with Faith and an intimate circle of kindred spirits. Imagine yourself as a butterfly, ready to burst forth from a cocoon. Your wings are brightly coloured and uniquely patterned reflecting your natural beauty and true essence. Imagine flying into a whole new world of pleasurable experiences with renewed confidence, vitality and spirited passion! Make this your new reality! Step onto the path of Healing with Nature and Spirit and return home to your true nature!

Wind, where is my radiant muse?
Water, glisten those sparkling views
Sun, beam your golden rays on me
Moon, make my dreams reality!

“I am not sure what I was expecting when I first met Faith Divine after hearing about her. What I knew was that she had reached deep into the person I heard about her from, and she was a distinct agent of change for those who could hear her and absorb her message.

I found her to be able to quietly penetrate my discomfort about sharing very personal details that I was not compelled to do with anyone, let alone someone I was meeting for the first time. But her words and ideas opened me up and presented the opportunity to safely speak my truth out loud for maybe the first time, to MYSELF, if nothing else. I heard myself acknowledging feelings that I had stuffed forever. While it was happening, it felt so easy, and I felt lighter as I shed assumptions I had burdened myself with for years. And it was so simple. Afterward I felt a bit rueful that I had been packing all this junk around for so long, held back by my own solo perceptions.

All I can say is that I feel much freer now. I am on a new brighter path. I am deeply grateful to Faith for all that I have learned and feel stronger for it.” – Peter H., Sydney, B.C.

“I deeply appreciate my private healing session with Faith Divine as I came away with fully feeling her enlightened awareness and blessed energies as a wise shapeshifter.” – Moneca Z., New Westminster, B.C.

“Over the last year, I have had the pleasure and privilege of participating in a gathering, facilitated by Faith, called “Breakfast with Soul”.  We meet monthly at a local venue where, in addition to having a delicious meal, we have a free and open discussion about spiritual and life topics that are of interest to all of us.  It is a very empowering experience to share my thoughts and feelings with people with whom I feel comfortable and safe.  A heartfelt “thank you” to Faith for leading us in these discussions, and for making them happen!” – Deb L., Coquitlam, B.C.

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