Meet Faith

Born and raised in the West, on the southern coast of beautiful British Columbia, with ancestral roots from the East, Faith emanates a uniquely powerful blend of Western psychology fused with centuries-old Eastern wisdom. Having had no religious influences in life, she intuitively developed a rich mixture of Tao, Buddhist, Zen, Hindu and Native wisdom that resonated deeply within her, revealing to the world a spirited being endowed with a profound sense of innate power, equanimity, joy and grace to all those who come into her presence.

Faith’s passion for elevating positive energy in our world and for being a catalyst of profound personal transformation in others comes from destiny’s call. Her background in social work, assisting adults with chronic conditions and life threatening diseases plus personal history involving the premature loss of numerous loved ones, opened her awareness and approach to life in phenomenal ways. As a result, Faith intuitively understands the enormous complexities of the human journey and myriad ways of easing and releasing struggles in our busy modern world. She lives and breathes all that she teaches, exuding a deep sense of trust, inner peace, and radiant life energy that naturally attracts intimate groups of kindred spirits.

Faith represents spiritual enlightenment, divine knowledge and wisdom. Her name was gifted to her by ancestors long past, a name that resonates with her being and naturally evolved through life stages. At birth, she was introduced to the world as Lay Ying Yee, throughout childhood, Fay Yee, and as a wife and mother, Fay Wong, who has now been widowed for over a quarter century. Today as a youthful grandmother and wise elder in her family and community, Faith’s love of life and innate desire for harmony, flow and cohesion are evident, affirming her wholehearted nature and pure essence within.

Faith honours the natural world, sensing and experiencing it as the sacred place for healing, rejuvenation and coming home to our authentic selves. She inherently feels that time spent in nature is essential for maintaining balanced wellness with mind body and spirit. Faith welcomes with open arms all those who are curious to explore nature and their inner realms in a safe, comfortable and relaxing way. Heartfelt conversations, meaningful connections and abundance awaits the moment you step onto the path of Healing with Nature and Spirit!

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe place for adults to explore, discover and honour their own true nature; to empower others in elevating consciousness, attaining mind/body/spirit wellness; and offer nourishing adventures in the natural world accompanied by kindred spirits.

“Faith is a loving, giving soul who knows how to listen, share, and guide. The thought, effort, and feeling she puts into her services creates a path to healing.” – P. D.

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