Off the beaten path and nestled amongst abundant wild growth is a beautiful natural pond flourishing with scads of lily pads. Hundreds of white floral blooms burst overtop all linked to underwater roots. This vibrantly healthy water forest is truly one of the most magical ecosystems that reveals awe-inspiring richness and the natural thriving of wild life.

Here 12 female ducks float peacefully about, circling quietly around one another, occasionally dipping their heads and chests into the water. On the edge of the shore sits a little one year old boy intently watching the ducks activities. Not moving at all, he only blinks his eyes on occasion and remains steadily focused on the brown ducks.

For several minutes, he is as still as the large tree next to him. Then out of the blue, the left side of his body starts to move. First his left foot wiggles, rises and falls and then his left arm, with hand softly closed, bounces up and back down. His head turns left and right, seeming to follow the sounds around him. The gentle fluttering of tree leaves and tall wild grasses dance in the breeze, faint squeaking from ducks and songs of birds flying in the distance all capture his attention moment by moment.

Suddenly, a loud aggressive splashing sound bursts forth from one of the ducks. She flutters her wings in rapid motion compelling others to speed away. Quack quack quack rings through the air for several moments and then once again, peace and calmness returns. The little boy settles as well, back to a state of calm, mimicking the glassy waters before him.

After a few minutes of watching the ducks floating quietly about, a new and different sound emerges from the wild grasses a short distance away. A low static tone of Kuhhhh..hh.hh.. vibrates for 5 cycles with brief interludes in between. This soft noise instantly captures the attention of all the female ducks and little boy. The ducks start swimming quickly toward the sound and after the kuhhh sound stops, the ducks all turn back to their resting spot. The little boy stares intently the entire time and once the sound stopped, he intuitively echoes the exact same tone for 3 whole cycles! “Kuhhh..hh.hhh . . . Kuhhh..hh.hhh . . . Kuhhh..hh.hhh” … comes out from deep within his throat, with no movement at all from his lips. His sound instantly attracts all of the female ducks who then start to swim rapidly towards him. And when he stops, so too do the ducks and once again, they turn back to their resting spot, floating peacefully around!

It is apparent the nature of the little boy and surrounding wild life have something in common. Without a doubt, humans can connect with wild life in a very intimate way. Just as the little boy attuned himself to the ducks, plants and sounds of nature, we too can become one with all of life in the natural world. We can mimic the energies, sounds, cycles, and inherent beauty of all living things. We can be the beautiful flower bursting forth from revitalizing waters. We can be the tall wild grasses gently fluttering in the winds. And we can be the ducks following their own senses, moment by moment and thriving in their natural sanctuary!

Create your own blissful sanctuary where ever that may be. Use your imagination or physically visit the site on a regular basis. Whether you are standing atop a mountain, nestled in an old growth forest, or enjoying a full moon on a sandy beach. Feel a sense of calm, peace and balance wash over you and return to it any time you need!

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