Dandy De-Lights!

Everywhere and wherever wild growth bursts forth from Mother Earth, surprising changes happen as days turn into nights and darkness of nights return to daylight. Delights in daylight are spontaneous wonders in days unfoldings as many vibrantly bright yellow wildflowers begin to flourish naturally mirroring the power of sun. With so many fine delicate long leaf petals blossoming forth on each and every stem, they all reflect sun’s rays in surprising ways. Then as days pass on and the petals’ rays begin to shrivel and turn down towards the earth, something totally new emerges reflecting beauty of night skies and cosmos!

In these moments, beautifully delicate and perfectly round, oh so whole soft ball of life emerges mirroring the soft power of the moon and its capacity to contribute to new growth in this world. As it softly radiates its new existence in moments unfolding, the mysteries of its evolution brings absolute wonder and awe to all on earth!

BE this evolving delightful dandy lion wild flower that shifts in miraculous way. Allow yourself to emerge in wondrous ways, way different than you could ever have imagined possible! Become one with the sky and universe. Be one with the rhythm of life’s mystical unfoldings and then plant new seeds for future generations to come!

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