Out of the Blue

Strolling through the forest is a wondrous experience, especially when sounds arise out of the ‘blue’ evoking curiosity and the imagination! “What was that?” “Where did it come from?” “Why is it making that high pitched screeching sound?” “Is it a bird or a rodent?” “Is it calling its mate or fleeing from a predator?”

Unless you choose to trod off the beaten path into dense vegetation onto a pathless path, you’ll have to accept the mystery and carry on. This is one of the great teachings of forest walks! Accepting unknowns in the moment and continuing to do your best is as good as it gets in life! One cannot know everything and as life unfolds, it is indeed wise to shift from knowing to not knowing. What you don’t know in the latter half of life is more important than what you do know! So what don’t you know?! I don’t know!!!

Happy holidays! All the best for the new year ahead! 2020, here we come! Let’s live in the mystery together and explore and discover what we don’t know!

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