Rock On!

The sky has been overcast for days. A deluge of rain has soaked the forest floor yielding many rivulets of water traversing slopes. At the base of a very steep slope, a running creek has grown noticeably in volume, speed, sound and colour. The once clear slow moving waters are now golden with yellowy-green hues accentuated by zillions of rippling white bubbles dancing all over the creek. Their effervescent nature amplifies the energy of fast flowing waters, providing endless vistas and spots of wonder!

In the middle of the creek sits a sizeable rock. Water soars up rapidly against it and pours overtop a smooth golden cloak. Halfway up the rock, tiny streams of water miraculously burst forth from many tiny holes in it’s belly. What looks like a solid rock from a distance is now seen as a “holy” rock! Mother Nature has created a mystical and magical form of art beyond human perception. The roaring waters bring these mini fountains to life and while most of the tiny holes spew out a steady stream of water, some only spurt little globs every few seconds. Blurpp! Gluhhht!! Flhooop!

What looks rock solid and perceived as impenetrable is not always so. There are many unknowns that are beyond human comprehension. Mother Nature yields the most breathtaking lessons for us to learn from. Is there a perceived block in your life, one that seems solid and impenetrable? Imagine this block holy, holding essential lessons for you to learn and grow from. Imagine this block a catalyst to discovering your authentic nature! Stay open, curious and alert in the moment. Be ready for change. What seems impossible may indeed be possible. Open yourself to infinite possibilities in the moment!

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