One step at a time!

A young child is a natural lover of nature. They are spritely spirits intuitively playing with everything around them. It is mid-winter and a little 4 year old wearing a toque, boots and winter jacket combs the beach while holding a bucket and shovel. She scrapes the water-laden sand into her shovel and dumps it into her bucket, then quickly turns the bucket over hoping to make a sand castle. But the sand has not been pressed into the bucket enough to maintain shape and as a result, a a soft round mound spills out. With no look of disappointment, she pats the mound gently with the back of her shovel then reaches out to pick up a broken sea shell that has captured her attention. She lays the shell on top of the mound and then leaps up towards the water. Within seconds, she’s standing in a good 5″ of water with only 1″ remaining at the top of her boots. The chill of winter water has made her fingers bright red but she conveys no discomfort. At this point she says “I’m going to go out and get more water!” and then turns to walk further out to sea!

Adventure and moment by moment exploration is the present here! This is something we all can do to step back into our natural love for the wild world around us, trusting our intuition in the moment when safety may be a risk. One mindful step at a time will definitely reveal the turning point. Stretch yourself as this young child has done, moment by moment. Explore with curiosity and wonder, one step at a time and see how far you can go!

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