Holy Flower!

It’s springtime, a time for new life to spring up from Mother Earth! As I paddle around the perimeter of a gorgeous lake nestled within mountains, I come across a pretty magical garden grove. This garden emerges from ten feet of water, with roots interwoven on a soft bed of light brown soil. The waters’ surface surrounding the garden is filled with an abundance of beautiful circles, not only from droplets of rain but  also from perfectly flat burgundy colored leaves growing from below. 

Zillions of tiny white flowers decorate the grove, all blossoming from strong stems which stand a good foot above water level. Together they sway in the breeze revealing a wonderfully choreographed stage performance, dancing in unison to the melody of birds and rustling leaves all around. Mother nature’s symphony brings synchronicity to all of life!

Millions of little flower bouquets burst forth, revealing various stages of growth. The tiniest buds are deep purple, perfectly round little balls while those that have grown are much more elongated and white with light purple tones at the tip. Once blossomed, the petals arch open like a bridge spanning five directions, all revealing a wealth of delicate white hairs that curl and twirl upwards. At the center of each flower sits a wee green lollipop surrounded by five brown and yellow v-shaped stamen, all standing in a circle with ‘hands’ bowing to the sacred sweet center when the wind blows. Holy flower! 

Most full bloomed flowers look similar except for one. This flower has similar traits with one major difference! Instead of five petals, it has six! As a result, it has a larger face, more hairs and one extra stamen; one extra worshipper to bow to the sacred within! 

We too can be like this six petal flower. We can grow an extra level of sensory knowing by tapping into our intuition. Therefore we have extra filaments to sense the world around us and to move forward in life with more awareness. Open yourself to fully blossom! Open yourself to the mysteries of life and infinite possibilities beyond the thinking mind. Come home to your holy sacred being! 

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