Arff … arfff!!!

Dusk is here and as day turns into night, the sun sinks down into the horizon eventually shining its light onto our faces. The sky is completely cloud ridden, softening the sun’s light through a thin veil of  transluscent curtains with varying shades and textures. Through this curtain which spans the entire horizon, two wondrous pockets of bright light emerge. Both sit on either sides of the sun, at the same level and an equal distance away. Both are filled with glowing rainbow hues having warmer tones closest to the sun and cooler ones farther out. As the sun continues to sink down, so too do these rainbow pockets, mimicking the sun’s natural cyclical movement.

Science reveals these pockets are sundogs, created by sunlight refracting clouds containing hexagonal ice crystals. Their name was given in the 1600‘s, reflecting the perfect metaphor of how dogs inherently follow their master! Arff … arfff!! 

We too can be a wondrous sundog by honouring and revering the sun. We can mirror the sun’s natural cycle, sinking into our bed when day turns into night and disappearing under our very comfortable comforter! As we fall asleep, we can stay with the light within ourselves as we enter dreamworld. Just as the sun never stops shining, the light within us never stops shining either. We are eternal light so mirror the beauty of the sun, its warmth and light. BE the beauty of the sun and the glorious ray of light for all!  

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