Sweet Love!

Forests are always filled with surprises. You never know what is going to catch your eye or seize your attention. Many sounds, sights, smells and luring textures fill the environment. On a warm summer morning in July, new growth on evergreen trees shine ever so freshly under both sunlight and shade. Their bright light tone contrasts other needles significantly making it very easy to notice them. Hanging at the tips of every branch, low and high, far away and very close is new life that springs forth with a sacred sweetness. This aroma will instantly lead you to heaven on earth. To experiene this, practice deep breathing in the moment while calming and clearing the thinking mind. 

Stand before a branch filled with new growth and inhale/exhale through your nose. As your mind and body settles, reach out to a cluster of new growth and break off a small bunch of needles. Now break these needles in two so that you have a freshly broken edge at the tips of your fingers. Now close your eyes and bring these freshly opened needles to your nostrils and inhale deeply! Smell the sweet scent  and lose yourself to its fresh sweetness, incomparable to any other sweet growth on this planet.  All trees have different aromas. Continue to inhale and exhale until you lose yourself to the sacred scent. Like visiting a brand new world, meeting a newborn for the very first time, this experience will send your soul to the field of pure potential. We never know what is around the next corner in life but if you look for light and beauty, you are sure to find it. What you focus on becomes your reality!

Sweet love comes from all directions in life. This new growth on a tree with a sweet scent is derived from the sun, rain and mother earth. Its birth is from shared nutrients in its environment. Sweet love for self is the same, derived from within you and your surroundings. It is unconditional and infinite, abundant and everlasting. It is rich and naturally nourishing to the depths of your body and being. 

You are perfect just as you are. Love yourself just as you are. Accept all that you have. Strengths and weaknesses and through life, learn how to merge the two as one. See how your weaknesses are part of the whole, something that can make you stronger. Revel in your divinity with Sweet Love!

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