Dancing with Fire!

Summer is ending soon and in one of its final days, the sun shines a most magical orangey glow that lasts from sunrise to sunset. A thick haze has blanketed the sky, dulling its brightness and evoking the image of a mystical moon shimmering in daylight. Its powerful rays are not only soothing on the eyes but also nourishing to the heart and soul. Interestingly enough, there is also a potent contrasting energy present. An overwhelmingly pungent odour permeates the air as smoke from hundreds of wildfires, hundreds of miles away have literally swept across the continent. In the midst, many mountains and trees, earthly creations and living species have been shrouded with smog for weeks and as firefighters continue to spew tonnes of water over the flames, massive plumes of smoke continue to accumulate in the air. 

Many ancient cultures view smoke as a symbol for connecting earth with the heavens. The natural world and its four major elements including air, fire, water and earth are all revered as one. They are all seen as part of the whole, one great ecosystem and world wide web of life. As lightening from the sky generates fire when striking trees, trees turn to ashes and ashes eventually become soil, nurturing new growth on earth along with water and wind. Air carries all including seeds of new life and pollutants from fire. There is indeed a sacred message here for all of us to learn from.

Smoke is known literally as a symbol for clouded views, confusion and lack of clarity. Since smoke is derived from fire, the symbol for transformation, what are you wanting to change in your life? What desire deep within you has been niggling within for a very long time? I realized long ago that my lifelong yearning has been for reduced suffering and greater inner peace. Listen to the depths of your soul and be open to receiving vital messages from spirit world! 

As the sun continues to emit its powerful orangey glow upon me, emanating the power of one-on-one relationships, I hold deep gratitude for the new wisdom brought to me today! I celebrate the moment by venturing uphill and dancing with the sacred sunlight which floats beautifully atop golden cedar trees. Every step I take, every leap I make, every twist and turn I create in the moment, the sun dances in unison with my eyes and body as numerous golden cedars stand still between us. In the moment, we truly became one with our divine connection! Acknowledge your creative powers and wisdom gleaned from one-on-one relationships. Be grateful for the great mysteries of life that unfold as that is truly where magic and serendipitous moments arise!

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