Laugh Away Fires of Life!

Deep in a forest, where a variety of trees cover the earth, one tree that was burnt long ago broke apart from an apparent fire. One of its’ smaller broken sections is somehow still standing as it leans into larger one that is firmly rooted into the ground. With the little ones’ rotting bark and lots of moss growing overtop, a sizeable hole shaped like an open mouth with lip and tongue hanging out, the darkness surrounding it does not impede its life energy..

BE this little tilted trunk that easily and naturally releases all the darkness around and behind it, supporting unlimited possibilities of new growth. Release fire energies from past, where anger, rage, sadness and many discomforts burnt your heart. Let that energy go and allow tears from crying or laughter to happen. Imagine tears to be like raindrops that naturally dissolve darkness in clouds and nourishes life on earth. Allow the sun to arise in your presence and carry the power of courage, confidence and generosity. Allow heart to heal and power of love to grow, moment by moment! Let sadness from past memories and laughter from curiosity within bring you to higher perspective, revealing ridiculousness of it all! Life is always silly to a degree. Silliness leads to our own ‘williness’, our capacity to heal and expand heart with unconditional love and acceptance. As you become one with any tree, know that you can always thrive through the seasons of life and bark whatever is true within!

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