In the seasons of life, change is always happening … in all ways with awe-full amazements as surprises always come forth in treasured moments. Winter brings endless wonders and delights revealing truths in life journey. Amidst evergreen trees in forested areas, there are also never greens in winter which have no leaves or greenery at all but only gift of empowerment for all that enter its environment!

One bird with a bright red crown overtop its head and a long dark beak and white cheeks flies onto a never green tree and bounces all around its trunk and branches, gradually getting higher and higher up into the sky. Once it reaches its desired place to rest, it begins to chirp and sing its own melody sending new rhythms and mirroring changes in seasons of life. With Winter ending soon and Spring only a few weeks away, this bird mimics power of physical and spiritual energies within itself. Minutes later, it launches off one of the highest branches and spreads its wings as it soars eastward in the direction where the sun rises everyday.

BE this self-empowering bird that lives in rhythm with its own natural liveliness in every passing moment. Listen and feel your own natural rhythmic energies within so you can maintain this awareness of what’s most important for you and then free self from past entanglements and soar into freedom with liberation of your own true nature!

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