For Rest of Life!

Many many critters, big and small, creep and crawl, leap and fall in the depths of great forests! Some nestle in trees, some nestle outside of trees, some up high and some down low, visible and invisible, audible and inaudible. Some scamper here and there over tree bark, some peck at bark, peak into park, rip away bark, and even bark at bark! Some are very loud, some extremely quiet, some totally captivating with chirps and twitters, cheeps and peeps while others are immensely invigorating with playful trounces and lively bounciness . . . and there is so much more to life here beyond what moves and grooves, squeaks and squawks!

Plants rooted in earth sit still as can be, quiet as ever . . . at least until winds pick up and start to rustle delicate growths. Marvelous mushrooms from the fungi kingdom stay firmly grounded though as they are largely motionless except for when seasons change … and that is when miraculous things happen!

One big mushroom sat firmly planted at the base of a tree. Its shape and coloring has changed dramatically over the passing seasons. Having started last Autumn, budding forth as a tender child of Mother Earth, a teeny tiny forest babe wearing a delicately textured golden crown, it received all the nourishment it needed to become one of the largest in the area. And as winter passed and spring and summer came, the changes in the air and environment impacted it in surprising ways. 

The top surface was now much darker in colour and held a uniquely curled edge on the right side that resembled the human profile! Its features were the ultimate forest surprise with a well-jutted forehead over sunken eyes and a plump nose, full lips and well-rounded chin. There was even whitish-grey fuzzy fur growing in certain areas. This mushroom could very well be seen as a crotchety old curmudgeon with an extremely fiery temper! 

Observing the changes in characteristics of old Mr. Shroom over seasonal cycles reveals the tale of a once young fungi that had endured its shaded life and still carried massive dark energies within! Now laying slumped over and oh-so-still at the base of the tree amidst an abundance of green growth and decaying tree debris, this mystical being adopted an ogre-ish persona from the dark side of life. 

Many ancient fables and mythical tales tell stories with vital life lessons. It is apparent that all life carries light and dark energies. Just as daylight creates shadows of darkness and nighttime holds brightness of stars and moons light, neither is good or bad, better or worse, only part of the greater whole. All humans carry darkness within as well as great light. It is therefore essential that we never lose our light, our vitality and vibrant life energy, especially when darkness arises. Hold onto your pure spirit and eternal light. Heal your past by befriending darkness and coming home to your true nature! This is where eternal youthfulness resides and becomes your new reality!  

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