Soles’ Soul So!

Summer is now over and Autumn is here. Autumn is absolutely amazing as it’s a great time to admire ample harvests at our feet. The abundance of growth from both Spring and Summer have fallen to the ground, having literally fallen into the cycle of the new season. Like the arrival of a king tide washing over the land, the earth is now covered with a sea of leaves.

The rich new greenery that emerged months before in the Springtime and grew to flourish throughout Summer are now a frenzy of hues created by Mother Nature. The power of the sun, ever-changing breezes, warmth of days and coolness of nights have all impacted their natural evolution. Thousands of energetic brushstrokes from up above have swept this canvas of life in miraculous ways. 

Under one great big deciduous tree where a cornucopia of leaves have fallen to the ground, a magical collage emerges from a plot of green grass. As the sole of my feet and soul of my heart are magnetically drawn to picking up one beauty after another, a message from the divine emerges. We are all similar to these beautiful leaves. We are as unique as each one is and we are also birthed from the same roots as others around us. We share the same evolutionary journey of growth and coming home to our natural beauty, and even though we may look somewhat different, we are also the same.

Imagine yourself as one of these leaves. Take a moment to breathe in the breath of life you see in the one you choose. Ground yourself like the tree, in your roots of origin. Bring gratitude for your life journey so far and gift of starting a new season. The cycles of life are ever changing just as we are. Appreciate all the subtleties of change and move forward like the leaf you choose, which has now grounded itself and is ready to contribute to more growth on the planet! 

Just like each and every leaf, you are complex and dynamic, simply beautiful, unique and similar, all created by energies of the world. Stand tall, stand strong and stable like the tree and the now grounded leaf. Stay rooted with your essence and true nature! Your core being will surely radiate out into the world, mirroring the great power of the sun, moon, wind and earth!

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