Budding Bud!

Next to a large smooth flowing river stands a small tree with tiny buds giving birth to many precious little floral bells dangling in the sunlight. The teardrop shaped buds carry vibrant energy with the miraculous resemblance of human blood vessels. Weaving overtop its pure yellow petals, it carries the transformative energy of fire signalling changes are coming! 

Every bud is unique and a sacred sight to behold. Many mini anthers hang out from under each of them, like bells’ clappers that ring when striking surrounding walls. With the warmth of its beautiful essence and soft texture within body, it undoubtedly carries the empowering energies of the sun during daylight and moon at night. As days pass by, the bud gradually transforms itself into a bell with ultimate metamorphosis emerging. At this point, the bell begins to toll as it sings its delightful song along with the soft breeze of earth … a purely delightful song that gently whispers the secrets of transmogrification!

Magical surprises unfolding are the symphony of life which is always evident through sacred sounds, tantalizing aromas, and awe inspiring visions. As the floral bells attract tiny birds, wee bees and insects to its’ sweet nectar, their purity and divine rhythm is obviously in harmony with the greatness of all life. 

Sit still. Be silent. Breathe in the light of life and embrace love for all as you mirror the little tree. Feel your roots fully grounded and stable, feel the power and oneness of eternal spirit and true essence of self! Breathe it all in and more. Allow your song of life to emerge. You will undoubtedly feel uplifted, energized, empowered and revitalized with every chime, rhyme and pure melody that comes from within. Feel yourself being ignited, like fire! … and then be absolutely delighted!  You will be right where you are meant to be, naturally thriving like the purity of bells ringing through the air!

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