Mother may I?

On a beach at oceans edge lies a surprising creation by Mother Earth: an old broken piece of a tree which has obviously been grounded for a very long time. Having cruised horizontally on the land and ocean waters for years, the wood is now shaped in miraculous ways. It is also now covered with silky smooth, lusciously colourful swirls and twirls that naturally gleam under the sunlight. Grains of sand, tiny pebbles, and small rocks nestle within it as well. All of earths elements here have contributed to its beautiful evolution, so different now from its beginnings in the forest!

Having lain on the ground and floated in water for years, the kinaesthetic relationship dynamic with Mother Nature’s soothingly natural touches has brought mysterious beauty to it. No longer covered with bark, looking dry, or continuously growing through seasons, this amazing creation shows its innards in astounding ways. Its magical essence has come forth from eroded bark and more, combined with wind, water, and mountain debris. As water washes regularly over it, as tides bring it onto and off the land and the moon influences inescapable power of tidal waves, the grand energy of Mother Nature is here in full expression!

The moon is symbolic of the Divine Feminine. It reminds us of the importance of natural beauty and peaceful reflections, ease of flowing with cycles of life. BE this preciously beautiful creation aligned with Mother Nature! Allow the sacred wisdom of the moons cycles and energies to wash over you. BE open to observing the beauty within as your pure self comes to the surface. Rejuvenation and a renewed sense of self with enhanced vitality awaits!

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