One morning, rain shoots straight down from the sky. With a sizeable backdrop of Golden Cedar trees standing at least 2 stories high, zillions of droplets are clearly visible to the eye as they fly down fast and furious. Some drum wood on the ground while others tap on rocks and leap into the air. Together they quell the sounds and actions of birds and squirrels that are usually busy doing their thing at this time of day. As the air becomes cooler, the rain quickly turns into hail with solid clumps of ice drumming surfaces even louder! Hail to natures symphony: their cleansing dance with purified rhythm! In no time, the performance is over though, as the air warms and hail quickly turns into a zillion more clumps of flaky snowflakes, drifting down in myriad wads of gobs and globs! For the rest of the day, the flakes continually drift down, ever changing in shapes and sizes until all land and trees are wholly covered.

On the next morning, the sky is clear with absolutely no clouds at all. There is only a vast open sky overhead. The beauty of the radiant golden glowing sun against pristine baby blue sky, overtop pure white snow is heaven on earth! As the day drifts on and sun warms the air, the snow on the ground changes ever so subtly, evolving its natural presence in astounding ways: from harder frozen chunky states in shady areas to really soft, even mushy and melting flakes in bright sunshine. There is also everything in between with magic bestowed upon the land everywhere!

In the outskirts of a hilly forest above a fast running creek, clear crystals of frozen ice droplets fall here and there from evergreen branches overhead onto a web of tree roots. These sparkling crystals decorate the earth and roots like diamonds on sacred fingers. This wedded bliss between the creation of father sky and mother earth is truly the roots of our existence. Hail-lelujah!!! This is a symbol of our oneness with nature!

Be the beautiful radiant crystal of light that comes from up above! Be an extension of suns’ power and waters beautiful spirited energy! Be your own source of power and shine your true light out into the world!

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on Pexels.com

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