Hail-lelujah too!

It’s high noon. 

The sky is bright, 

Air warm and light, 

Earth … just right

 … for Spring bulbs bursting forth! 

A sea of slender rich leaves covers the dark soil with abundant green foliage from perennial flowers that have exponentially multiplied over the years. In just a few minutes, winds pick up, whisking wispy white clouds overhead towards the east drawing the sea of green foliage along with it in an eloquent dance between mother earth and father sky.   

As the winds continually increase until there are strong gusts here and there, swirling up and down, twirling all around, white clouds disappear and dark clouds appear. The brightness of mid day light has gone and night-ness of mid night looms over the land. Then ever so quickly, the powerful energy of stormy clouds seize the moment as it starts to wildly rain down and then hurl hardened pyramid shaped hail resembling rocket ships and chocolate kisses!

These icy crystals are indeed a sight to behold and even to hold! Pick up a chunk of hail the next time it hails. Observe its natural beauty and miraculous creation from the heavens above and earth below!

Align yourself with the sacred dance of mother earth and father sky. Imagine yourself dancing in unison with their singular verse: Hail-lelujah! Be the sacred crystal that soars down from this uni-verse. You ARE the spark of light. YOU are born from the universe and one with the universe, never separate! 

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