Eagle Ego!

At the edge of outgrowth overtop one side of a pristine lake, one eagle rests calmly perched high atop the outreaches of a branch on a young evergreen tree. As this eagle looks over a beach with myriad human activities, another eagle comes in, squawking loudly as it lands at least one body width away from first eagle. The first one remains calm throughout their reunion while the second one gradually becomes more calm but also remains more active as it grooms itself with its beak and wildly wiggles with its tail at times.

Standing closer to the trunk and to the left of the calm one, the second eagle complements the one on the right, who seems to just be still and float up and down with the winds of life. Riding the ever-changing swirls and waves above and within water, the right eagle seemingly knows the right way for living with peace. Following its own inner knowing, there is nothing it feels it needs to do except just ‘be’ and BE calm as it observes surroundings. Unlike the second one, which may have just overcome a perilous adventure with predators, the right bird with relaxed energies reflects the capacity to be fully present in the moment despite any risks of potential turmoil.

See your mind and physical brain as this amazing pair of eagles. Envision the left eagle as the left hemisphere of your brain, the active mind engaged in survival, fight or flight with constant activities, thinking, rationalizing, problem solving and trying to make sense of things. The left hemisphere mirrors the ego mind that is constantly striving and seeking something better. Envision the right eagle as the right hemisphere of brain, the section of your brain that supports vast sky of open mind, intuition and creative insights. This is where deep peace within exists along with grace and dignity for self and others regardless of external conditions!

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