Healthy Ego!

The next morning, the left eagle is still very active next to right eagle which remains mostly perched in stillness observing the environment. The left eagle constantly cleans itself as it twists its head, pecks with beak on shoulder and heart area, then scratches its lower body with right leg. Sometimes, it turns and lowers its head so far back that the head is totally invisible. 

In contrast, the right eagle only moves its head left to right following sounds and actions around it. Cackles, honks and twitters echo through the sky along with one low flying plane. In that moment, the left eagle leans its body forward as a stream of white fluid drops out from under it. 

Once again, the left eagle reflects the left hemisphere of the human brain. Its actions for cleansing in the morning is a wonderful reminder and lesson for us all to adopt. Commit to taking action every morning with your own cleansing ritual. Begin by meditating in calm stillness of being and clear the active mind. Follow body wisdom, inner knowings and messages within. Clear your heart chakra through vocal toning “ahhhh” aligned with musical note ‘F’, 4 – 7 times. Breathe deeply with left hand over heart centre. Bring more love to your presence and essence as you open up to heart more and more with unconditional love and acceptance. Feel tensions gradually dissolving as you mindfully let go of anything that no longer serves you well! Healthy ego is now here to celebrate the new day! Healthy ego supports your evolution in miraculous ways!

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