Holy Keyhole!

Spring has sprang by and summer is now here. In less than one week, an unprecedented heat wave with highest temperatures ever has washed over the land. This heat affects everything in the natural world in astounding ways!

In a vegetable garden, one plant that grows like a snake with many prickly feet hangs downward from a pot perched high up on a wooden ledge. Pickle cucumbers of all sizes and shapes hang in the light and heat of day and coolness of night. One pickle has grown significantly, having ballooned outward in a peculiar fashion, resembling the shape of an old key hole with a narrow top and ovally bottom. 

Be this pickled cuke and become the portal to your own sacred reunion. Open your mind and expand your inner realm to unknown dimensions in physical realm. Release mental clutter within and clear your mind to be open and vast like the great blue eternally endless sky. Emerge with the heat of the sun as it empowers you with trust that the best is yet to come and that you do have the power to be courageous, confident and creative moving forward with your ultimate heart desires! Tickle the pickle within and delight will surely be your new sacred light!

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