In the cycle of seasons, Spring gives way to Summer and Summer gives rise to Fall. During the first week of Summer, Fall surprisingly arises in the midst of a lake surrounded by majestic mountains and many water laden tree trunks, broken but still rooted into the ground. Here, green lily pads grow in their surroundings with some turning brown, curling, wilting and even rotting under the power and heat of the sun. Not far away though is another area of growth where bright autumn colours float over the waters’ surface. Amongst this colourful paradise are many different sizes of leaves, all with unique patterns and colour variations on top. One medium sized orangey-red leaf renders the power of the sun as its natural beauty glows with stunning rays bursting out in all directions. Hoo Ray!

Be this sacred leaf. Mirror the energy and power of the sun. Be a source of light that nourishes the earth and all of life around it. Give generously in each and every moment. Simply thrive in the beauty of your pure and precious existence! 

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