CAW of the Wild!

On a beautiful warm and blustery day, down by the sea, crows fly to and fro to a multi-trunked maple tree with leaves dancing in the winds. The tree stands tall, rooted at the edge of a rock cliff on the bottom of a steep grassy hillside, hanging over a sandy beach with just as much life below it as above. Every living creature that comes into its surroundings are welcomed with open arms! 

Crows caw caw caw as they fly into and out of the tree. Wherever they land, they walk, leap, look here and there, peck there and here, and everywhere … on their bodies, on branches and into leaves. Then they fly down to the ground to peck some more in soil, sand, rocks and small tidal pools. 

When they return up into the sky, the crows maintain perfect balance with the winds, not needing to flap their wings hardly at all. In continuous action between earth and sky, physical and non-physical, they live fully and freely with the winds of life. All their needs are met as they joyfully caw caw caw some more, echoing sounds into the universe! 

Be the wise crow that effortlessly achieves balanced wellness in life by intuitively making best choices for self in each and every moment. Nourish self, soothe self, express self, cleanse self and let self soar freely and easily with the winds of life. Simply spread out your wings without efforts and you will easily maintain optimal balance and symmetry with world around you!  

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