See See!

Off in the wilderness where there is absolutely no walking path at all, is a most unusual plant that emerges from lush growth next to a rippling creek. This plant is one of a kind as there is literally only one in the entire environment that is visible at all. It has the precious beauty and coloring of a flower but no petals at all. It is, oddly enough, more like a man-made creation with sticks glued together and balls added to ends. Being bright red, the sticks each hold a white ball on their ends decorated with a black circle in the middle, resembling eyes of some odd living creature! Possibly a succulent plant of some sort from the cacti world, it holds the energy of our roots at time of birth.

Be this sacred plant with roots stemming from Mother Earth. Be this plant that has several eyes, all open to continually see world with new perspectives! Open ALL of your eyes, including your third eye which holds holy vision of your intuition! Look in all directions and even into darkness with an open spacious mind while maintaining connection to ancestral roots. It is here where you will surely come home to your Divine Being, your pure source, essence and lightness and brightness with all of life!

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