Whirl Your Pearl!

With summer coming to an end and fall about to fall in place, there is little visible on land confirming this on a small remote island in the midst of a Y-shaped lake. “Why … oh why??!” one might ask! It is apparent that all life here continually thrives regardless dramatic weather changes throughout seasons. One remarkable species, a large shiny pearl-coloured mushroom verifies this in miraculous ways!

     This mushroom is not a mushy one at all! Having grown and flourished on one of the highest spots on the island, where the sun is able to reach everyday, its surface is firm, smooth and lustrous with a unique flowery design. What’s astonishing is that this ‘shroom glows with immense spirited aliveness while being rooted at the base of an evergreen tree. Its pearl coloring and wondrously rippled shape are truly a sight to behold! With one section of the underside opened up like a fan, it exposes an intricately grooved design with abundance of creases that are not usually exposed. Surprisingly, it thrives in so many amazing ways!

     When the sun shines directly upon it, this gem-like ‘shroom gleams gloriously with the sun, synchronizing their dynamic power in the world! Like an ocean treasure, the real pearl found in a seashell or like majestic stars and planets in night skies, they all carry soothing energies that nourishes everything in its surroundings! 

BE this precious gem-like ‘shroom on earth! Tap into your own inner light and eternal powers within. Let it radiate out into the world with love and acceptance of all that is around you. Fully embrace the strength of your core essence through changing seasons to ensure not only survival, but also ever-thriving energies regardless of what is happening in moments unfolding. Once you come home to this sacred place, your natural beauty comes forth and you become one with world, filled with peace and harmony!

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