Eye in Sky!

In much cooler days of wintery weather, in the midst of an area which had abundant growth and shade on land, all leaves from giant deciduous trees have fallen to the ground allowing much more light into the area. One of many of these leafless trees now stands with bright energy reflecting the sunlight and open skies above. Having lost many of its lower branches, the spots where these branches once emerged have all reshaped in surprising ways. With unusual lines, depths and textures on the bark, each spot astoundingly reflects one human eye! With no secondary eye right next to it, this singular vision at each level resembles a whole new way of regularly seeing things as it stays locked in upward views!

Be this one wondrous eye on a tree that has become one with the eternal sky and heavens above! Stand tall and strong, stable and fully upright with energy of peaceful acceptance of all that is around you. Never lose sight of all light in life! Maintain a clear, open, neutral and observant mind with no inner turbulence or shadow energies. Simply allow the pureness of life to sink deeply within!

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