Spots of Spontaneity!

Several deciduous trees lining the edge of a creek have lost all their leaves and are now no longer covered by shade. The abundant growth below the trees have also lost many leaves as well but all are still thriving. Ferns big and small continue to sprout upwards like wondrous green geysers and evergreen trees continue being green with all their needles splaying out. 

One young deciduous tree reveals the miracles of nature with wondrous lines and spots covering its bark. One large splotch of green and many different sizes of pale whitish ones decorate it’s surface like stars in the night sky. The long vertical lines mirror views of forest filled with variety of trees in different sizes as well. This unique artistry came through mysterious unfoldings in its life journey is a spontaneous creation from dynamic powers of earth, air, and water.

Be natures artwork and spontaneously create what comes from depths of your being! Earth is the symbol of our physical body and capacity to make some wondrous things come forth into our world! Air is the symbol of our breath which gives us all the power we need to enhance quality of life and water is the symbol of blood which holds our life energy and vitality in life! Just like this artistic tree, breathe in the open vastness of air above you as your life energy is ignited and physical body starts to spontaneously create something artful in your environment. Whether it be a picture, painting, sculpture, poetry, story, song, dance, music or tapestry of some sort, allow whatever inspires you to surface with each and every passing moment. This is where your true nature and wonders within are birthed in physical realm. This is where your pure potential exists!

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