Roots of Roots!

In the mystery of unknowns, above the mistiness of low clouds, within the midst of a forest midway up a mountain, there are some things that are not clearly visible and also things that are seemingly dead. Life and death cohabitate in this wild wilderness as all that seems no longer alive actually supports the birth of new life with the gift of its presence! It is here where surprises arise in astonishingly breathtaking ways. It is here where the magical mysteries of unknowns prevail in life!

One large tree that had been uprooted by winds of life, lays dormant amidst abundant wild growth. Not only is there new growth in its surroundings but also within it. Baby ferns, families of fungi, groups of wild mushrooms and new saplings sprout forth from its bark and ground around it. The magical birth of newness appears as the tree roots now stand up in the air with lots of fresh moving air and much more light than it had before. 

Since its roots were once well grounded on earth and now stand upright, a whole new perspective and window to seeing life emerges! A large uniquely shaped window frames an awe inspiring image with pure light and different perspectives from its root energies. Here the wisdom of earth is brought to light! 

BE this window of life, threshold to new visions! Bring new light and new realities to your daily life. Allow yourself to open up to what you could not see or understand before and observe the realm of new possibilities from what you do not know. Immerse yourself into the moment with a clear open mind and breathe in the freshness of the open air you now have in abundance all around you. Nature holds soothing, refreshing and revitalizing energies that assist us in purifying ourselves in miraculous ways. Nature helps us to see things differently and transform realities from inside out!

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