MORE Roots of Roots!

On the other side of the same dormant tree which lays horizontally on the ground with roots now in mid-air, another miracle resides with spriteful life energy. This symbolic creature is leaping forward with nobleness, courage and confidence after being grounded for a very long time in soils of life! Here a unicorn with magical joyful exuberance is ready to run through life, following its long-pointed horn located above its eyes. As it eagerly springs forth, its mane soars along and dances with it in the wide open fresh air! 

BE this magical unicorn that was once born from old roots of life. Allow the beautiful mysteries within you to come forth as you let go of negative thoughts and painful memories, limiting beliefs, and rational mindset of understandings from conditioned mind in world of survival. Just as there has never been a unicorn physically on earth before, unicorns certainly do exist and thrive in the magical realm of invisibles as it’s certainly visible here!

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