Boo & Coo in Mystical Slough!

On a fog ridden day, along a long winding slough, earth and sky unite as one with nothing visible between water, land and air. As the horizon has vanished, the mysteries of life unfoldings carries energies of peaceful acceptance of all that is in the environment. What is usually visible is now absolutely invisible except for one area where a broken tree filled with bare branches floats on the water and a small piece of land is visible. Scanning the misty view expands our periphery from differences to no differences at all!

BE this mysteriously mystical horizon where what’s normally visible and not visible communes the knowns and unknowns. Allow your body and breath to become intangible and the energy of pure existence, with no right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse. Just imagine your true self as a steam that simply arises from warm loving energies in body. Feel your life energy arise on earth and become one with cosmic energies. Here, healing and healthier living takes place in the moment, where timelessness and agelessness exists in magnificent wonders of your being, fully aligned with Mother Nature!

As you ignite your true nature within, come forth with “Boo!” and then sing to the rhythm of your heart with ‘Coo’ energies, mirroring favourite bird who floats freely and effortlessly through changes in life!

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