Wholeness of Holy Hole!

What rises from above may also surprisingly arise below, especially where an abundance of wild growth exists and effortlessly thrives throughout the seasons. At the base of a tree, stands a wondrous earthly creation from the worlds underground web, miraculously mirroring energies of the universe! The light it carries within is the light from above and therefore, one with all! In its miraculous evolution, it has somehow circled perfectly overtop like the sun, moon and planets, carrying wisdom and energy of eternal cycles of life, seasons, and ever changing life on earth!

Be this grounded circle, this wheel of life that is energetically connected with the web of life that is not visible. Be one with all of life and allow the light within you to radiate outwards and transform self from world of darkness to eternal light; from sorrows, sufferings and sadness to a place of grace with unlimited peace, love, joy, and compassion for not only yourself, but also for all others as well. Envision your family roots and all of humanity as the spiritual fruits that assist with your evolution and coming home to your own true nature. Here, the depths of heart desires, passions and eternal spirit energies will mirror this beautiful wondrous hole, this natural creation in nature, reflecting the holiness of wholeness and one with all in universe!

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