Zoom Shroom!

On earth, everything grows as everything changes. What was once empty and void can be very full in a very short time. A single speck can immensely multiply to produce surprising abundance! At the top of an old fallen tree trunk covered with a rich green carpet of moss is a family of fungi that have grown together in one very small section. As their sizes and shapes vary just as much as their curvatures, they seemingly dance together with the winds of change, bending this way and that way. Their playfully delightful energies signify a tight knit community that is well bonded!

Be the shroom at the far right that stretches out into spaciousness and then curls back and upwards reuniting with family! As you make time to stretch out into spaciousness, go deep within self and connect with heart and  nature all around you. Rest here in silence, away from family noise and undesired commotions. Then when time is right and you feel ready to return to family, mindfully sustain cherished connection with your heart and own true nature in open spacious awareness! 

Notice also how this shroom has an unusual curvature at top right side where two white tips hang downward. Imagine these as your vibrant wings of freedom where you can fly away anytime you desire, return to your own peaceful loving sanctuary! When you be this miraculous shroom, you will certainly zoom forth in your life journey with all other family shrooms and also gift yourself on-going blessed experiences of ecstasy, bliss, peace, kindness and compassion! 

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