Awesome Blossom!

All flowers blossom forth in unique ways. With so many variations, it is truly surprising what arises each new day! What comes forth one day may be totally different from another day. In a calm warm environment, where minimum wind and maximum natural growth thrives, a massively petaled flower opens to greet the afternoon sun. Looking much larger than others on its multiple stem roots, it’s miraculously powerful energies reveals a blossom three times larger! Viewing its formation from the stem upwards, there are three small stems that have magically bonded very closely together as the buds blossomed forth!

BE this precious flower that brings forth the beauty and treasure of abundance. Allow mind, body and heart to burst forth together, to become one in unison with rich beauty of amazing blossoming within and without. As long as your depths of heart synchronizes with mind and body, your true spirit and essence of light will blossom forth in miraculous ways!

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