Lily pad, lily pad!

As seasons change, things on earth change. As time marches on, things appear and disappear. What was visible yesterday may not be visible today. In world of unknowns, living fully in moments in pure state of beingness, everything becomes nothing and nothing is everything! 

Such is the case on a lake where abundant plants once flourished on the waters surface. No longer present, all the rich green foliage has gone except for a few leaves. These are indeed magical as they natural vitality with rich green colouring reflecting all life thriving around it. Being heart shaped as it floats in an oasis, it mirrors the power of unconditional love from the sun.

Be this thriving rich green heart-shaped lily pad! Be your pure being in timeless time, regardless of changing seasons and just reflect light within your heart. Bring your fully open and nurturing heart to the surface just like this one lily pad. Be generous with unconditional love and acceptance all life on our planet! This is where oneness, unity and harmony exists! And so be it! And so it is!

Lily pad, lily pad

Who are you?

Lily pad, lily pad

You are I and I am you

We are one

So let’s have fun! 

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