Cause most with Cosmos!

Amidst many mountains covered with an abundance of evergreen trees, lakes of all shapes and sizes bring endless wonders in our naturally wonder filled world! Right next to a mountain named after eagles which regularly nest there, is a lake with a long narrow end and super shallow waters along its edges. In these shallow areas lie mysteries of unknowns as shade dominates the area most of the day bringing more darkness into light.

Mirroring mysteries high in the sky, bringing curiosity from the great cosmos with unlimited unknowns and endless possibilities, a wondrous underwater view shines forth with abundance. Clouds of soft smoky green mosses rise from muddled earth, yielding a haze of daze riddled with befuddlement! An distinctly white band of milky way winds its way through and around jelly-like specks next to spoke-ish offshoots. Not only does this carry the energies of the night sky, it also reverberates the energy of earth above water as seen from a satellite. The grand mysteries of life here carry ostentatious wonders in amazingly miraculous ways!

Be this grand mystery of life! Be your authentic being coming forth more and more in every passing moment and every day. Witness yourself magically evolving with natural beauty, allowing all the wonders of unknowns to rise within and become one with the sky and earth. Be this grand spectacle of delight! Here you will discover your destiny and purpose in life! Here you will be one with all of life as you simply flow with ease and grace. Be the beauty you hold within!


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