Hum humbleness!

On an island, up on a hill near ocean waters, awe inspiring creations by mother nature and humans living in the area bring fascination and mysteries of lifes unfoldings. Standing high above and behind a long hedge of evergreens are tall evergreen trees with one amazing tree that evokes serendipitous experiences at right time and place! As it thrives in its own natural liveliness, this fantastical tree brings awe of amazement as it cycles freely and easily through all seasons of life.

Since the spirited energies of this tree was also created by humans who wired down the top, this trees mythical dragon-like energy presents peace, humbleness and unity with all. There is no fantasy fire, no roaring sounds, no battles or threats. The tree simply stands in each and every moment with its natural beauty radiating from sunrise to sunset to sunrise once again. It simply flows with grace and ease into night skies where it reaches a whole other level of peace and silence from moonlight which softly reflects calm boldness. Then as the new day arises, sunlight brings abundant power to grow more and expand in unknown ways!

BE this magical mythical creature that models energy of natural powers within. Pure potential arises in every moment of existence. Be real, be resilient, and be free. Be authentic with your own true nature!

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