Wish Your Fishy-ness!

As day comes to an end and the glow of setting sun shines brightly behind mountains, night and day unite with the dusk of life! Here during this time of change, water flows down a creek into an inlet surrounded by a bounty of wildlife. Hundreds of birds fly onto the water to nest for the night while some glide onto tree tops to sing their melodies. Abundant fish swim upstream, squiggling and squirming, leaping up, over and around rocks and some even simply rest in calm water areas. All these fish are heading back to their place of birth to give the next generation new life. With all their challenges in this journey, each and everyone of them do their best in each and every passing moment!

Even as most fish head upstream, a few swim sideways and rotate, or even turn downstream periodically. One very large silver-toned fish lays diagonally still with right side facing down, under water and left facing up, carrying happy expressiveness in its facial features. The glow in its body reflects the sun energies yielding magical powers, strength and stability in journey of life. Even though this one may be at end of life, its expression reveals a whole other level of beingness!

BE this strong fish at stage of transformation from physical being to spiritual being. Allow right hemisphere of seeing to be one with water energies while left hemisphere is one with vast open sky. Water symbolizes soul depths of inner realities. Sky symbolizes unlimited possibilities. In this place, pure self will BE its pure potential with unlimited unknowns! Free self with grace and ease to flow peacefully back to your own natural beauty within!

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