Way way away from the end of day, a new day rises revealing an abundance of wildflowers blossoming forth towards the great blue sky and bright sunlight. As they flourish this wild landscape sitting below striking clouds situated above a horizon of mountains and water, this epic beauty carries all life on earth and heaven on earth! Here the underworld supports the physical plane and unites with skies above. Oneness with all exists mirroring the ultimate quest in human journey.

BE these beautiful blossoming yellow wildflowers! Allow your pureness within to come forth as you let go of conditioned being to naturally rise well above the land and also stay grounded with your roots and mother earth. Witness your capacity to float with freshness of air and become one with blue sky, sunlight and striking clouds that diagonally reach up to wisdom of universe! Hoe Ho Ho! Come home to heaven on earth where your own inner world sanctuary prevails!

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