Spiral Your Smile ;)

On a beach close to ocean waters, tide is out … way, way out. Here the ground is softly soaked and watery, even more so where mini pools and puddles hold miracles of tiny sea life naturally co-habitating with air and everything around them. Many of these poodles (pool puddles!) carry ocean life with weeds we see: sea weeds, life we see: sea life and mysterious unseen organisms: undersea wonders in our world! With so many variations flourishing both over ocean waters and also deep within, unity between heaven and earth thrives with natural harmony in mysteries unfolding on land!

In a unique area, something very lively underground creates surprising swirls of sand that twirl upwards towards heaven. As these mysterious creatures underground create uniquely aspiring spiralling mini mountain that quickly emerge from underground, all of them speak with oneness to every human on the planet and all life on earth! 

BE these spiralling mountains that mysteriously rises from earth! Be soft with waters energy, coexisting with all life above and under ground in ocean waters. Water is symbolic of soul on earth and earth is symbol of our physical body. Allow self to delve into depths of soul from body sensations and spiral up in physical world with mystery of unknowns. Marvel the world as you spontaneously smile, wiggle and giggle, creating new realities on earth in each and every passing moment. See self as one with earth and sky and heavens above. Nothing is lacking, nothing is needed. All and more is here as you are more than enough to thrive in your own natural vitality!

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